About Us

Gradidge-Mahura Investments (GMI) is a diversified investment advisory and wealth management company offering 4 distinct but related services. By utilising our combined experience, expertise and investment philosophy, we aim to bring sophisticated investment solutions to our clients to help them create and protect their wealth – while educating them about the intriguing world of investments.

Founders, Vision & Mission

Our People

Registration Details

  • Gradidge-Mahura Investments is founded by Craig Gradidge and Kagisho Mahura. Collectively, Craig and Kagisho have over 25 years experience in the investment management and financial services industries. For more details about our founders click here.

  • Our dream is to develop a broad base of astute investors by bringing sophisticated yet relevant investment opportunities to them. At the heart of our advice process is a strong desire to educate our clients about investment and personal risk management; and developing a sustainable investment culture. This, we believe, will enhance investment discipline over time and ensure wealth is transferred from one generation to the other, thus assist in breaking the cycle of poverty that has dogged South African families for many generations.